Lumina Wine and Beer

Lumina Wine and Beer

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A work in progress....

This is Tim, Emily and Jennifer's (Tim's sister) new venture. It is in downtown Asheboro, basically main street, but called Sunset Ave. Their store is a 1000 square foot building built in 1924. Tim (mostly) and some of his friends have done awesome renovations on the building, revealing its true charm and authenticity. The stucco wall came down and revealed the original brick. The "fake" ceiling was removed, revealing an original 1924 tongue and groove ceiling. It has been painted, a bar has been built (by Tim), and decorations in place by Emily. Tim's mom (Vicki) and her boyfriend J have been very supportive in this endeavor, helping out with wine coolers, antique apple crates, lighting, wine racks, and moral support.

They plan to be open by Christmas. Please wish them luck.

Here are some pictures taken of the renovations, but not complete yet!

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